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Heavy Metal BBQ : Sons of Scullery

Sons of Scullery Food Cart

With more than 20 years combined experience in the culinary industry, Award winning Chefs Jesse Brookshire and Sam Johnson are rockin’ it on the 16th Street Mall. Inspired by their creativity and passion for making great food the Chefs created a YouTube Show opening the door to start their own business, Sons of Scullery, a Food Cart, Catering Business, and Cooking Show to the next level. The food cart is dedicated to supporting Metal music and giving fans the required energy needed to drink booze and kick ass in a mosh pit.

Sons of Scully : Sam and Jess
Sons of Scullery : Sam and Jesse

Gourmet BBQ is the specialty! Heavy Metal is their passion. Their Signature BBQ Brisket is freshly smoked and then braised for 4 hours of pure awesome! Get it on a sandwich with our homemade signature BBQ sauce. They guarantee that their BBQ will slay your hunger demons and make your taste buds party!

Sons of Scullery : You Tube Show and Channel


Sons of Scullery : Best Brisket Sandwich
Sons of Scullery : Best BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Please check out their Food Cart on the 16th Street Mall between California and Stout. Tell them the boys of Alterity set ya!

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